Metal Fabrication


Starting a Build

Create and upload your drawing files, using the Request Quote page


The Process

Reviewed and priced by our specialists, to ensure the highest quality at the lowest price



Your product is fabricated in the shortest lead time for delivery or collection.


About Us

Future Generation is a group of companies formed in 1989, based in the south of England. Specialising in high quality technology manufacturing and service. Our main base in Kent, boasts a Hi-Tech purpose built Interactive Touchscreen kiosk manufacturing, service, repair facility, system integration and bespoke software development, along with our dedicated metal fabrication facility.

Our engineers vast experience and knowledge enables us to design and manufacture the most cost effective products possible and to work accurately to detail drawings. 1st angle and 3rd angle, specifications supplied by customers.

Our aims:

  • To supply customers with quality
  • Fine limit sheet metal, tubular and frame fabrication
  • To offer a full range of service
  • All types of fabrication, stainless, mild steel, zintec
  • Galvanised, Aluminium
  • Work to 0.2mm tolerance!


The Process

All designs are reviewed and quoted by our development specialist, according to the specifications and requirements of the products, to ensure the product is developed and produced to the highest quality.


Steps 1

- Review

Steps 2

- Pricing

Steps 3

- Creation

Design Creation

The final stretch, step 3 consist of taking your designs, and creating them accordingly with your preferences. Using our finest in house equipment and highly trained specialist.


With a quick discussion with our inhouse CAD team, a price quiote will be generated in relation to the project and creation implecations.


A full project survey is done on the design, assuring that there are no restrictions with the preferences and CAD design. Creating a flawless creation experiance.


And Completion

Once your design has become reality, from earlier discussions with the team any final adjustments will be made.

You will then be contacted by a specialist who offer you a chance to review the piece by organising a visit or being sent images as well as discussing packaging delivery options.